Kentmaster New Zealand at Meatstock Hamilton
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Kentmaster Penetrative & Concussive Stunners

Kentmaster Penetrative & Concussive Stunners

Model: HG1

Part No: 6702000 (.22) 6703000 (.25) 6702100 (.22) MUSHROOM HEAD 6703100 (.25) MUSHROOM HEAD

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    Stainless steel stunner holder to keep them high and dry,
    The new Kentmaster stunner range made for any
    abattoir or farm the perfect backup tool that you need
    legislated by law.
    • The Kentmaster non-penetrative bolt assembly has been carefully designed as part of the modular system which allows for the interchangeability of the many of the components between the Kentmaster HG1 handle grip stunner,and the CY1
    • Ability to turn a penetrative stunner into a non penetrate tool in seconds
    • Compatible with both .22 and .25 calibre HG1 and CY1 models
    • No need to buy separate tools for penetrative or non-penetrative stunning scenarios: just swap the bolt assembly on either of our KM stunners and your ready to go.
    • Technical Documentation :
    • .22 Calibre
    • .25 Calibre