Are you looking for a streamlined way to deliver high-quality pork products with maximum efficiency and minimal waste?

In the abattoir, this is achievable through the use of specialised machinery.

From culling pigs prior to slaughter, to processing carcasses into cuts of meat, efficient workflow processes can be established in any facility.

Kentmaster New Zealand has a proven track record since the 1990s of supplying the New Zealand meat industry with equipment that aids automation within the production process.

By understanding which tools are best suited for each part of your business’s operations, you can benefit from greater operational efficacy and improved productivity at every stage.

The Role of Abattoir Machinery in the Pork Production Process

The pork production process is a complex system that requires a variety of key components to work together seamlessly.

One such component is the abattoir machinery, which plays a vital role in the process of preparing and packaging pork products for distribution.

The machines we stock are designed to efficiently and effectively carry out a range of tasks, from stunning and bleeding the animals to removing their hair and skin and preparing them for processing into a wide range of pork products.

With the right machinery, pork producers can increase their efficiency and output, cutting processing times and reducing costs while still producing high-quality, safe, and tasty pork products for consumers around New Zealand and beyond.

Here at Kentmaster New Zealand, you will find a range of products on our site that cover pork culling and processing. So take a look and see if we have what you are looking for or give us a call for more advice.