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Tecna Balancers

At Kentmaster we sell and service the world’s leading brands of balancers, Tecna and Kentmaster. From 2 kg to 100kg.

TECNA S.p.A. produces and distributes a complete range of BALANCERS having a capacity from 0.2 up to 180 kg and an available wire stroke up to 3 meters.

For meat producers and processors, one of the most important aspects of their job is having a safe working environment. 

With Techna Balancers, you get the best in both safety and efficiency when it comes to balancing large weights or objects with ease. 

Techna Balancers are designed for use in slaughterhouses, abattoirs, butchers, and other similar industries due to their sturdy design that allows operators to easily manage heavy loads quickly while minimising fatigue on workers. 

Whether you’re dealing with 2 kg packages up to 100kg slabs of meat, each balancer features accurate readings as well as user-friendly controls that allow for maximum control during operation – perfect for those who need precision accuracy in weight handling.

Benefits of using Techna Balancers in the manufacturing process

The manufacturing process can be challenging, and any tool that can make it easier is worth considering. 

Techna Balancers are one such tool that can greatly benefit manufacturing processes. These balancers can reduce the physical strain on workers, leading to fewer work-related injuries and a reduction in worker fatigue. 

Additionally, Techna Balancers make it possible for workers to handle heavier loads without difficulty, which leads to greater productivity and efficiency. 

With these benefits in mind, manufacturers should undoubtedly consider incorporating Techna Balancers into their manufacturing process to increase safety and productivity.

Here at Kentmaster NZ, we know the importance of heavy-duty machinery through the meat processing system and that is why we stock the industry’s best and most efficient products.  Browse through our site today to find the right solution for your needs. 

The ergonomic structure of the TECNA BALANCERS has been designed for facilitating each use operation, ranging from movement easiness to body robustness, from simple use to lifting power.

TECNA, as producer, provides special and customised versions on demand.

Part Number Product Description Cable Length
995001-9320 BALANCER 9320 1-2.5KG 2.0M
995003-9336 BALANCER 9336 2-4KG 2.0M
995004-9337 BALANCER 9337 4-6 KG 2.5M
995008-9338 BALANCER 9338 6-8KG 2.5M
995008A-9348-STOP BALANCER 9348 6-8 KG 2.5M
995011-9339 BALANCER 9339 8-10KG 2.5M
995012-9349 STOP BALANCER 9349 8-10kg 2.5M
995013-9356 BALANCER 9356 10-14KG 2.0M
995172 – 9357 BALANCER 9357 14-18KG2.0M
995016 9362 BALANCER 9362 15-20KG 2.0M
995017-9358 BALANCER 9358 18-22KG LIGHT WEIGHT 2.0M
995018-9431 BALANCER 9431 15-20 KG 3.0M
995019-9361 BALANCER 9361 10-15KG 2.0M
995021-9363 BALANCER 9363 20-25KG 2.0M
995022-9432 BALANCER 9432 20-25KG 3.0M
995029-9364 BALANCER 9364 25-30KG 2.0M
995032-9403 BALANCER 9403 30-40KG 2.5M
995040-9404 BALANCER 9404 40-50KG 2.5M
995056-9405 BALANCER 9405 50-60 KG 2.5M
995065-9441 BALANCER 9441 60-70 KG 3.0M
995072-9442 BALANCER 9442 70-80 KG 3.0M
995081-9444 BALANCER 9444 80-100 KG 3.0M
995171-9340 BALANCER 9340 10-14KG LIGHT WEIGHT 2.5M
995172-9357 BALANCER 957 14-18KG LIGHT WEIGHT 2.0M
995173-9359 BALANCER 9359 22-25 KG LIGHT WEIGHT 2.0M