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Pneumatic Beef Dehorner

Pneumatic Beef Dehorner

Model: AD

Part No: 6001800

    Product Enquiry

    • Specially designed for low- medium production plants, with a hollow ground blade
    • The 11” diameter blade will cut through the older harder horns with ease and can be sterilised simply and quickly.
    • The alligator jaws are self centering and the blade is visible at all times so the operator can enter precisely where they intends to.
    • The saw blade is completely shrouded offering a maximum safety to the operator.
    • Compact design permits easy maneuverability and fast movement.
    • Dual control switch for operator safety.
    • Technical Documentation :
    • Balancer 8-10 kg 2.5m drop / 995011
    • Blade 11″ 100 teeth P/N 4000120

    Technical Specifications

    Weight:9 kg (20 Lbs)
    Blade Opening:8″ (203 mm)
    Blade Diameter:11″ (280 mm)
    Blade Speed:1200 RPM
    Motor Power:2HP (1500 Watt)
    Air Consumption:42 CFM (1.2 m3)
    Air Pressure:100 psi (7 bar)
    Control Handle Type:Single or Dual Trigger / Air
    Anti Tie Down optional
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