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Discover the Edge: Top Kitchen Knife Brands in New Zealand

June 19, 2024

New Zealand has a melting pot of flavours as diverse as its landscapes, and being prepared with the right equipment is vital to the kitchen experience. Whether it’s filleting the morning’s catch or setting the table for friends, here’s a look at the most popular kitchen knife brands among Kiwis. 

Shop Kitchen Knives Online

With all those plentiful opportunities to investigate the right blade, such as from your very home, where you probably gaze right now at your home shopping screen, able to survey the most diverse selection of knives, with diversity for every need, you can very well say that things are becoming more accessible than ever in the digital age.


The one that comes to my mind is Giesser. Giesser is a high-profile knife-maker who makes knives where quality is important. The knives they make are used by professionals as they are sharper and have a high weight on usability for a longer period of time. 

The chef and kitchen knives they make can withstand use for longer periods.

Filleting Knife

For the fishermen and seafood aficionados, there’s a filleting knife, for which the flexible blade is ideal since a single stroke can get all there is. The knife is designed to be shaved so as to get the cleanest cut, similar to the currents from which the fish came.

Chef Knives & Kitchen Knife

Every kitchen worth its salt has a sturdy chef’s knife. Easy to sharpen and always dependable, it’s the kitchen’s workhorse, ready to cleanly chop, dice and mince to your heart’s content. Pair with a sturdy kitchen knife, and you will be sending out plentiful fine meats.

Boning Knife

A boning knife is essential if you wish to prepare meat. A very sharp, small, narrow knife ideal for trimming fat and carving pieces of meat off bone.

Cutting Knives

You need a set of cutting knives because you don’t want to use only one knife that can only be used for soft and hard food. Use a different knife for different foods to keep your cuts safe with a clear vision for your dishes.

Fishing Knife

You need a knife to cope with our marine ecosystem. There are many cutting-edge colours and blades – a Kiwi-style knife that is tough, weatherproof, and ready for knawing through scales and skins.

Knives New Zealand

New Zealand-made knives support local excellence, and each brand on the Knives New Zealand market highlights the country’s signature emphasis on craftsmanship and quality. 

They’re household staples reflecting New Zealanders’ passion for food, great company, and celebrating everyday moments. 

The Rise in Shopping for Kitchen Knives Online

By the turn of the century, it had advanced to the point that experienced chefs and home cooks were as obsessed with their knife collection as they were buying their kit online. Here’s how it happened:

The Digital Culinary Revolution

In the newly dawned millennium, Knives New Zealand was to be transformed by a digital revolution. Surfing online could deliver kitchen knives into the kitchens of professionals and novices like never before.

The Surge of Specialised Knives

A panoply of highly specialised knives – the wet-fish filleting knife, for example, was ‘flying out to the red-blooded sports fishing men of the East Coast’ – could be ordered on demand by New Zealand’s growing core of anglers. 

And, alongside the iconic butcher and kitchen knives of the past, culinary offerings were now delivered by the push of a button.

You needed advice on a chef knife but suddenly found all the information you needed online and readily available to be delivered to your door. 

The Rise of Brand Recognition

The Expansion of Knife Varieties

Online marketing has created a proliferation of various cutting instruments—fishing knives designed to handle coastal conditions and chef knives that redefined culinary aspiration.

The Convenience Factor

The probability of finding a better price, the ease of reading other people’s reviews, and the greater opportunity of having a product delivered to your doorstep provide a convenience that will likely never return to the way it was prior to the internet. Convenience is the keyword here.


The proliferation online of the tools of use, from chef knives and boning knives to plate warmers and heavy-duty thermostatically controlled cabinets, meant that quality ingredients, even in the most distant outposts of New Zealand’s food culture, could be given the respect they deserved. 

The opportunity to purchase everything the hospitality industry could ever need democratised the best practice culture, spreading it around the land.

What Should Aspiring chefs look to get started with today? 

An aspiring chef following a recipe today is really spoilt for information. Here’s a beginner’s basic breakdown of culinary essentials:

Building Your Toolkit

  • Buy Kitchen Knives Online: Pick shops where you can buy kitchen knives online to check out the different models offered and see the different brands and prices. 
  • Chef Knives ∨ Kitchen Knife: Get an excellent chef’s knife and an excellent kitchen knife. You need these tools for everything, and everything you make will use them multiple times.
  • Giesser: A good knife is very important for any chef – buy the Giesser brand, which is precise and long-lasting. 

Specialised Knives for Specific Tasks

  • For Seafood Lovers: Filleting Knife If you’ve ever prepared a fish before, you’ll know how important a good filleting knife is. For fish, filleting is as essential as the making of ceviche. 
  • Boning Knife: The boning knife is probably one of the best and easiest things to own because you’ll use it whenever you de-bone meat or poultry.
  • Sharp Sword: I need a cutting knife to slice my bread and cut vegetables.

Expanding Your Skills

  • Fishing Knife: A fishing knife is an ideal companion for people who enjoy fishing or want to work on preparing and filleting their catch.
  • Knives New Zealand: Source bright and durable blades that are up to the rigours of professional kitchens for Knives New Zealand. 

You can start with a good set of knives and add specific tools as you need them and your career progresses. You will always go right when buying the correct tools for the job; they will make your task easier and give you a greater skill set along the way to becoming a chef. Bon appetite! 


A great kitchen knife makes the cut for professional or home cooks in the same way that a Giesser carving knife makes a difference whether you’re a gourmet chef or a keen home cooking amateur. When it comes to premium knives, New Zealanders are spoilt by choice. Carve your way to culinary stardom.