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Is a Giesser Boning Knife Right for You? A Look at Our Premium Options

June 28, 2024

No kitchen can claim it is well-equipped without a good boning knife. And when it comes to equipping your business or your home kitchen with the best in the business, the Giesser Boning Knife is the one. 

Why Choose a Giesser Boning Knife?

Giesser knives are known for their quality construction and design. The blades are made from blue high-end food-grade chrome molybdenum steel, hardened in a vacuum, and have Rockwell hardness grade 56 – 57.

This guarantees an ultimate super-smooth surface for maximum rust prevention and edge durability. Each knife is hand-honed to perfect sharpness with the highest attention to detail – the trail and choke just drop right in and will not slip or loosen.

The Classic Shape with a Strong Blade

The straight back of the Giesser boning knife’s blade is a classic shape for such a tool, providing more strength and resilience than a curve essentially that’s going nowhere. 

The sturdy blade instils confidence to cut through even the toughest chicken, beef, and fish, making it a standby blade for most kinds of cut-ups.

Ergonomic and Safe Handling

Given the importance of safety and comfort, all Giesser traditional hand knives, such as boning knives, have ergonomic, non-slip, slip-proof handles and finger grips that are secure and safe even under wet conditions. 

Some specific models have a bodyguard safety handle with a finger loop, which is ideal for cutting, slicing, and carving meat into even and precise cuts.

Knives New Zealand: A Hub for Quality

It shouldn’t be difficult for those inclined to find a Giesser-calibre premium boning knife in New Zealand (Kentmaster is a prime example that carries boning and filleting knives suitable for kitchen and butcher’s use.

Knife Sharpening: Keeping Your Edge

A good knife is a good investment. Maintaining the edge is important, too – honing or sharpening a knife is a skill unto itself. 

You’ll not be lacking in sites or techniques should you choose your own knife upkeep. Whether you use a whetstone or honing rod, a sharp blade is less dangerous than a blunt one. However, with Gieesser and hundreds of years of experience, their blades stay sharper for longer than any other. 

Giesser Boning Knife: A Legacy of Precision and Excellence

The name Giesser has long been recognised in the world of cutlery, and for good reason. The company’s knives – made and descendant of handcrafted culinary accoutrements of ancient German design now headquartered in Italy, where a new aesthetic touch has developed  – possess an air of quality and precision that can be distinguished even at first glance. 

The Giesser Boning Knife is no exception, with its clean, sleek silver and wood handles.

A Storied History

Giesser’s story began in the hands of craftsmen who knew that a good knife could mean the difference between a clean cut and a hack – and it continued that way as successive generations developed their tools further and further in innovation and craft. The time-honoured boning knife that bears Giesser’s name is an extension of that tradition of excellence.

The Choice of Professionals

From butchers to chefs, all professionals in the food industry appreciate Giesser knives. A Giesser butcher knife is not just another utensil; it is as much part of the chef as his hands wield it with confidence and dexterity. Respect for Giesser comes from kitchen professionals who know that their knives meet their line of work down to the last detail.

Sharpening the Edge

The edge is what gives a knife value, and it’s also in knife sharpening that the Giesser knives shine. They can keep their sharpness even after sawing through hundreds of carrots or thousands of onions. This is the quality that distinguishes Giesser kitchen or chef knives.

A Cut Above in New Zealand

Over time, Giesser knives afterwards received wide acclaim in New Zealand, where they began to be another favourite knife for cookery enthusiasts, with the cutting tools readily available for all who loved their sharpness. 

Knives New Zealand became a point of interest for those who loved having the best kitchen tools, where Giesser knives proved very popular. 

And if that weren’t enough, respect for the Giesser name would make people in the food industry admire them. Because when you buy a Giesser of any kind, you’re not just buying knives – you’re investing in something with the right care that can be passed down to another generation. 

A promise of history. A promise of precision. A promise of unyielding quality. That’s why, for serious professionals, a Giesser boning knife isn’t a purchase – it’s a demonstration of commitment. 


If you are a chef, an aspiring cook, a home cook or someone who enjoys boning a pheasant for dinner – a Giesser boning knife just might want to be the most trusty addition to your arsenal of kitchen must-haves. If you want a knife that performs and lasts, look no further than Giesser.