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Precision in Every Cut: Kentmaster’s Specialised Tools for Sheep and Goat Processing

December 26, 2023

It’s a difficult Job Made Easy 

Kentmaster New Zealand is the NZ subsidiary of Kentmaster Manufacturing. This international company provides high-quality tools and equipment for the meat processing industry.

Kentmaster Manufacturing was established in 1948 in the USA and has long had a well-deserved reputation for providing quality items to every aspect of the meat industry, from abattoirs to slaughterhouses and commercial kitchens down to home cook’s tables.

Since 1998, Kentmaster New Zealand has served the market in New Zealand. It has also introduced Pacific Islands into the supply chain with quality equipment, rate-friendly spare parts and superior after-sales service.

Kentmaster New Zealand offers a full range of offerings for the meat processing industry, including:

  • Carcass cutting tools and devices
  • Automated offal machine guns
  • Custom-fashioned head tables (which are often made by moulding)
  • Food sterilisation 
  • Knife steel cleaning products
  • PPE chains mesh repair services for chain mesh gloves and more
  • Knife sharpening and in-house repairs

So, in the blog, we’ll have a good look at what Kentmaster has brought to the industry but also focus on Sheep and Goat Meat Processing, how it works and what processes are involved. 

Kentmaster NZ carry products from leading brands such as Giesser, Euroflex and Ibex.

Kentmaster is a world-renowned business offering high-quality tools and equipment for the meat processing industry, including sheep and goat meat processing. 

Some of the specialised tools that Kentmaster offers for this purpose are:


Some are devices that administer a limited electric shock or an inserted bolt to the animal’s brain so that it is put out. Stunner models offered by Kentmaster also include the following:

  • HG1
  • CY1

All three can be used for sheep or goat stunning, too.

Hock Cutters

These knives penetrate through the animal’s hock joint, and now you can start skinning and eviscerating. Sheep and goat hocks aren’t a problem for Kentmaster with its hydraulic model M-5 hock cutter.


These implements strip the skin from the carcass, maintaining in good condition and high prices both products of butchery. KENTMASTER’s TURBO-III model is a pneumatic air dehider that can treat sheep and goat carcasses without excessive damage or waste.

Blade Sharpener and Conditioner

The tool keeps the blades used for cutting and skinning sharp and in good condition. Kentmaster’s electric blade sharpener and conditioner Quick Set can sharpen and condition blades of different sizes and shapes.

Pizzle Sealer

A tool for sealing the animal’s pizzle (penis) to prevent urine from being spilt on carcasses. Kentmaster has a pneumatic, electric sealed-in either sheep or goat with a hot wire.

Splitting Saws

These tools cut the animal’s carcass in half so that further processing and inspection can be done. The K-9 and the BM-V–SD are electric splitting saws employed by Kentmaster to split sheep and goat carcasses precisely in a safe manner.

Pelt Puncher

It makes holes in the animal’s skin to assist in yanking off its head and feet. Kentmaster’s sheep pelt puncher uses a pneumatic cylinder to fly holes in the once beautiful skins.

Brisket Saws and Shears

These are the tools used to cut through an animal’s brisket (chest)bone, allowing for the removal of the internal organs. Kentmaster makes hydraulic brisket saws and shears, such as the SBS-II, that have both strength and precision for cutting through sheep or goat briskets.

Carcass Cleaning System

This is a vacuum cleaning system that removes any dirt, fecal matter or hair from animal carcasses. Kentmaster’s VAC-SAN is a carcass cleaning system model that cleans sheep and goat carcasses quickly and hygienically.

Offal processor, tripe washer and refiner

Using water, steam, and brushes, this system processes the animal’s offal (internal organs and entrails), such as the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. Kentmaster has developed products such as the TG-32 and the TG-48 to process sheep and goat offal, including offal processors, tripe washers and refiners. Its equipment is capable of processing them with quality while maintaining productivity.

Fat Sucker

This is a tool that extracts the fat from an animal’s carcass, reducing its weight and improving the appearance of meat. The fat sucker model, VFR 200 e from Kentmaster, can use a powerful vacuum to suck sheep and goats.

An Explanation of Sheep and Goat Processing

The meat industry conducts several steps of sheep and goat processing to make the meat safe for human consumption. The process starts with choosing healthy animals that have no diseases or injuries that might impair the quality of the meat.

Afterwards, the animals are transported to the processing facility. There, they are stunned and slaughtered. Next, the carcasses are bled and cooled before being skinned and eviscerated. The meat is inspected during this process, and the internal organs are removed.

Following inspection, the carcasses are cooled in a cold room to lower their temperature and retard bacterial action. After the meat has been chilled, it is cut up and prepared for packaging in various ways. The meat is usually chopped into chops, ribs and loins before being vacuum-sealed to ensure freshness.

The tightly wrapped meat is then placed in a refrigerated area where it awaits shipping to retailers or wholesalers. Throughout the process, strict hygiene and safety procedures kept contamination to a minimum. The meat ends up being perfectly safe for human consumption–or delicious Chinese food.


Therefore, Sheep and Goat meat Processing is a rather elaborate process that has to be handled well. Serious attention must be paid to food safety and hygiene processes in each sector. The end product is quality meat products that consumers around the world can enjoy.