Bolero Light, Euroflex, One Sleeve, 100 X 70cm

SKU: 9710196-xxl


The Euroflex Bolero Light is a true classic among Puncture-resistant aprons. They are made using a 7mm ring that provides optimal protection in the chest shoulder and abdominal area against life threatening cuts and punctures. Integrated with a lateral draught limiter prevents the apron losing length and stretching, always ensuring it retains its protection. The Bolero Light can be ordered without sleeves, one sleeves and two sleeves. The elastic cuffs and the ergonomic fit in the elbow areas allows the wearer ultimate comfort and fatigue free work.

Chain Mesh Boleros offer protection front and back, constructed from high tensile, corrosion resistant stainless steel rings with TPU Harness for comfort.

  • Optimum protection in the shoulder and chest area, as well as the abdominal region,
  • 7mm ring mesh
  • Food-safe
  • Wide hip belt made of TPU
  • Spring cuffs
  • Ergonomic fit in the elbow area
  • Meets the highest standards of hygiene
  • Easy to clean