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Qualities of Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves that Make Them Ideal Protective Gears

July 4, 2024

The sharpened tools and machinery are part and parcel of working in abattoirs, and freezing works demand the utmost harm-free protection. Therefore, those in the know equip their staff with Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves

Defined by their impeccable safety and durability, we will look at the qualities of Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves that make them indispensable parts of abattoir equipment and a staple in settings around the world that place a premium on hand protection.

Unmatched Protection

Groundbreaking Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves provide the most protection against cuts and punctures. Made of stainless steel chain, the glove has a close-knit chain mesh, eliminating a gap at short edges to prevent any shock from sharp edges, helping protect workers from potential injuries.

Ergonomic Design

The most important thing for protective gear is to feel comfortable, so these Euroflex gloves are closely fitted to the hand’s anatomy, allowing for a light and pleasant grip that allows the worker to work without getting tired. This is especially important for extremely fast work, such as freezing work. 

Hygiene and Maintenance

Hygiene is an important part of any food processing facility. Euroflex gloves are easy to clean but also keep a high degree of hygiene in the work area. The stainless steel does not allow bacteria to grow, making it possible to clean the glove for reuse after each process.

Durability and Longevity

The durability and resilience of Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves are evident in the robustness of its construction. The stainless steel mesh used in the gloves is designed to prolong its use in the workplace, subsequently reducing costs for businesses.


Such gloves can be used for butchering, filleting, or keeping your hands steady while working with sharp equipment. This means that if you are part of an organisation whose work is related to meat processing or food production, you need a pair of Euroflex gloves! 

Rules and Regulations in New Zealand

Rules and regulations guiding the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in today’s New Zealand freezing works and abattoirs are strictly adhered to. Below is a summary of these rules that examine the use of Euroflex chain mesh gloves, chain mesh gloves, TPU aprons and other equipment used in an abattoir.

PPE Requirements

  • Suitability: PPE must suit the nature of work and its risk.
  • Fit and Comfort: PPE supplied to the wearer should be of an appropriate size for fit and reasonably comfortable to wear.
  • Maintenance: PPE must remain suitably maintained, repaired and replaced to continue offering the intended protection.

Specifics for Freezing Works

  • Protect: Require workers to wear PPE that protects them from cold temperatures, like wearing a winter jacket, in addition to that required for the hazards of working with sharp tools. 
  • Training: Workers should be trained on the correct use, wear, and maintenance of PPE.

Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves

  • Durable: These are extremely heavy-duty wear-and-tear gloves for abattoirs, butcheries and commercial kitchens.

TPU Aprons

  • Hygiene and Safety: TPU is a light, comfortable, perfect hygienic apron suitable for the food industry, especially resistance to animal oils and fats.
  • Maintenance: Washable, they are permanently flexible and can be kept sanitised and healthy for numerous reuses. 

Compliance and Worker Safety

Regulatory Compliance

Employers must ensure that all forms of PPE, including those with chain mesh gloves and TPU aprons, meet strict safety standards and regulations. 

Worker Rights

The worker has the right to use the PPE provided by the business entity free of charge. The worker has the right to report any work-related injuries or illnesses. The worker has the right to know if the employer has previously been deemed to violate OSHA regulations. 

Workers can participate in the appeal process if they are penalised for reporting a work-related injury or illness.

These regulations stress that the right PPE has to be supplied and that the right PPE has to be used accordingly to eliminate/reduce the possible risks while at the working premises.

Specialised equipment like Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves and TPU aprons is required on every freezing work to mitigate the possible dangers that workers face not only because of the nature of the jobs they are doing but also because of the adverse working conditions that can occur because of low temperatures.


Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves do more than keep your hands safe. They’re also an investment in improved performance. Combining highly protective, anatomically shaped, cleanable, durable and adaptable gloves provides comfort and ease for every worker in an abattoir, freezer works, or any other industry. They are now a stalwart in the meat processing industry at all levels. As a business owner, if you invest in Euroflex, you know your workers are safe, your workflow will be constant, and targets will be met on time.