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Where to Find Chain Mesh Gloves in New Zealand: Shopping Tips

July 5, 2024

Protective covering is not just about adhering to the rules when New Zealand sheep are destined for freezing works or abattoirs. Workers must be careful as they dice, slice, and cut so that quality meat products are guaranteed to arrive in supermarket fridges and on restaurant tables in prime condition. 

Chain mesh gloves are very important pieces of protection equipment. It is really important to find the correct pair of chain mesh gloves. Kentmaster New Zealand can provide you with the right equipment. 

The Importance of Chain Mesh Gloves

Chain mesh gloves are useful to work in the meat processing industry. To provide safety against dangerous objects such as sharp machinery and instruments. The gloves are interlinked stainless steel rings. 

There is a circular, diluted area for the thumb. These gloves are made from circular chain mesh. These ensure the hands are protected from a cut or puncture from many of the machinery and objects used in the meat processing chain. With the latest technology and advancements, they have been made flexible to enhance workflow and safety.

Why Choose Kentmaster New Zealand?

Kentmaster is a provider of Euroflex Chain Mesh Gloves that are very good at fitting and are extremely functional throughout the food chain. Moulded ergonomic fitting with toughened and soft-touch palm and fingertips; breathable and soft polyester mesh back on the hand and fingers with cleansing and tight-fit cuffs.

  • Ergonomic Design: Ensuring comfort and reducing hand fatigue during long work hours.
  • High Protection Level: Offering robust defence against cuts and stitches.
  • Hygienic Features: Including easy-to-clean surfaces and hygienic polyester rubber strap.
  • Versatility: Available in various sizes and with different cuff lengths to suit any task.

TPU Aprons: The Perfect Complement

TPU aprons match chain mesh gloves best if there is a messy job..

Kentmaster offers heavy-duty TPU aprons that are:

  • Resistant to Animal Fats: Making them ideal for the food processing industry.
  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Ensuring ease of movement and reducing strain.
  • Durable: Puncture and abrasion-resistant, these aprons are built to last.

A One-Stop Shop for Abattoir Equipment

Besides the personal protective equipment, Kentmaster is a one-stop shop for abattoir equipment. Supplying stunning tools, cutting devices, and everything needed to run an abattoir. Everything from stunner tools to hooks needed in this industry is available at Kentmaster.

From a specialised bolt gun suitable for a wide variety of large animals to equipment such as pneumatic beef brisket saws, hydraulic hock cutters and more, Kentmaster has it all at very competitive prices to be able to fill out abattoirs and freezing works from top to bottom.

A point-by-point summation for abattoir and freezing works owners of why it is vital to supply Chain Mesh Gloves to your staff: 

Essential Protection

Chain mesh gloves are essential in abattoirs and freezing works. They protect the wearer from cuts and punctures caused by contact with knives and other sharp tools, which may lead to serious injuries and potentially permanent damage to the hands and finger joints. Chain mesh gloves provide an unparalleled, superior degree of protection.

Hygiene and Contamination Prevention

Chain mesh gloves also protect workers who handle raw meat and poultry, which can spread bacteria and pathogens, by helping to prevent skin contamination of the meats.

Maintaining Dexterity

While their chain mesh construction is protective against injury, chain mesh gloves are also constructed for flexibility and lightness, ensuring workers can work with detail and precision to achieve the desired outcome and maintain quality.

Durability and Longevity

The physicality of work in an abattoir or freezing house demands a certain grade of equipment. Chain mesh gloves are durable and made from long-lasting materials such as stainless steel.

Compliance with Safety Regulations

It usually happens in industries where safety regulations demand personal protective equipment (PPE) wear. By supplying chain mesh gloves, employers follow the standards and contribute to safety.

TPU Aprons for Comprehensive Protection

Made of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), they are highly resistant to animal fats and fluids, featured in PPE (personal protective equipment) in abattoirs and freezing works to guarantee hygiene and safety, which can prevent cross-contamination.

Providing staff at an abattoir or freezing works with chain mesh gloves and TPU aprons is not only a regulatory requirement but, for any abattoir owner, a sound investment in the welfare, efficiency and safety of a team of employees, which in turn enhances workflow and production. 


From chain mesh gloves to TPU aprons to all kinds of other essential abattoir equipment, Kentmaster is your one-stop partner. So, suppose you’re after a product range that’s dependable regarding quality, safety, and durability. In that case, our stringent conformance guidelines promise products that tick all the right boxes to withstand the harsh climactic conditions and the physical strain of New Zealand’s meat processing industry. Happy Shopping!