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Quality German made GIESSER knives and steel

All Giesser Knives
Geiser PremiumCut knife

Leading Supplier of quality tools

All Abattoir Equipment
Slaughter house

HG1 and CY1 Stunners

Humane Slaughter Tool
Slaughter tool Kentmaster HG1

EZESharp Blade Sharpener Simple EZE to use sharpening system

EZESharp Blade Sharpener
EZESharp Blade Sharpener

Explore Cutting-Edge Meat Processing Equipment at Kentmaster

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Abattoir Equipment


beef equipment
beef equipment




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Ibex equipment
Ibex equipment


Sheep abattoir equipment
Sheep abattoir equipment

TECNA Balancers

Tecna Balancers
Tecna Balancers


Termet equipment
Termet equipment

Butcher & Boning Tools

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Kentmaster Manufacturing has been providing the meat industry, Abattoirs and Slaughterhouses with quality-built carcass-cutting tools and saws for over 50 years.

Kentmaster New Zealand has been servicing the New Zealand market since 1998 and included Pacific Islands into the supply chain with quality equipment, value for money spare parts and excellent after sales service, we can meet all customer needs.