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Meat Preparation Made Easy with These Top Tier Butcher Knife Sets

July 10, 2024

No matter how skilled you are in preparing meat –slicing, dicing, boning, filleting– having the right tools is just as important. Kentmaster New Zealand offers multiple sets of butcher knives for the master butcher and aspiring home cooks alike who enjoy a hearty, homemade meal. The premium knives come in different shapes and sizes that collectively cover all stages of meat preparation.

Butcher Knife Set

Kentmaster’s Butcher Knife Set. You need these. Meat need not be a daunting experience. Our sets usually include a meat knife, a heavy butcher knife, and a boning knife to work between meat and bone.

Knife Sharpening

Another aim is to keep your kitchen tools – especially the knives – in good shape if you want to use them for years. Kentmaster offers knife-sharpening tools to keep your knife set in good shape for years. A sharp knife is safer than a dull one, and it will cut easier and faster, so the regular honing of the cutting edge of the knives is important.

Filleting Knife

Although perhaps not for the squeamish, a flexible blade filleting knife is essential for seafood lovers. Kentmaster offers a range of filleting knives, which move up and down the fish’s backbone, slicing easily and reducing waste.

Chef’s Knife

Every kitchen has a knife, mostly known for its multifunctional characteristic, which is a chef’s knife. Kentmaster’s chef knives are multifunctional, which means they can be used for chopping vegetables, slicing meat and much more.

Kitchen Knives

Kentmaster stocks a variety of kitchen knives that are both superbly functional and stylish in design. Kitchen knife sets from Kentmaster have a wide range to satisfy professional and home cooks’ needs.

Chef Knives

Our chef knives are precise for those who prefer more specialist tools, with balanced blades for good control. Kentmaster’s chef knives are perfect for work that demands precise detail. 

Cutting Knives

Whether it’s a general-use cutting knife or one of their focus knives for slicing, KentMaster’s assortment offers the knife for all your cutting tasks. We have a range of general-purpose cutting knives designed to make cutting vegetables, fruits or meats a breeze.

Giesser is a Wise Investment 

For all butcheries, commercial kitchens and people who aspire to be a professional chef, buying a Giesser Butcher Knife Set is good advice for the following reasons:

Superior Craftsmanship

Giesser knives benefit from centuries of traditional manufacture and new manufacturing technologies. They are produced from chrome molybdenum steel, a high-quality alloy renowned for its excellent cutting-edge retention, thus guaranteeing that the knives remain razor-sharp through protracted periods of use.

Advanced Hardening Process

The blades go through a final vacuum heat treatment furnace, one of the latest hardening technologies. This gives the knife a Rockwell hardness of 56-57 HRC, making it extremely resistant to aging or blunting.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic handles of knives made by Giesser allow for a comfortable grip and a safe and fast work routine, allowing for advanced performance in food preparation. They have good anti-slip features and are comfortable for painless working even for many hours in the day. These two features are especially important in commerce since efficiency is paramount.

Easy Maintenance

The handle of the Giesser knives is pushed to one side to leave the blade space for re-sharpening. In this way, it is very easy to re-sharpen the knife, making these knives great to keep as professional tools that can be sharpened at any time.

Aesthetic Appeal

Giesser knives function well and have the kind of sleek good looks that give any kitchen an enticingly professional air – the shining surface and stylised shape of these knives add rather than detract from the aesthetic sensibilities of even the most hard-boiled chef. 

Investment in Quality

For the investment into a butcher knife ensemble by Giesser at a butchery or a commercial kitchen to be successful, the knives need to last. They need to withstand the rigours of the kitchen and enable consistent performance, which may improve the workflow and output of culinary operations.

You get quality. You get ergonomics. And you get reliability. A Giesser Butcher Knife Set gives whoever is cooking confidence that you are committed to the finest food preparation and service.

Giesser knives retain their edge, so they need to be sharpened less frequently.

Precision Forging

His high-precision forging strengthens Giesser’s knives, resulting in a denser blade. The forging process also makes the steel’s microstructure more aligned; a more aligned microstructure means a stronger knife that will stay sharper for longer.

Expert Craftsmanship

The handcrafted nature of the knife also means that the blade is ground to the ideal angle so that the knife will maintain its edge and perform predictably with a minimum of maintenance. 

The use of refined materials, highly exact forming, in-house hardening and manipulating, expertly hand-crafted execution and intelligent ergonomic conception cause Giesser blades of all kinds to need regular sharpening less often than others. This is an excellent choice for practically-minded professional chefs in New Zealand who want efficient and effective chef knives. 


Kentmaster delivers excellent butcher knife sets – they just don’t come more premium. As you can see, their quality ranges of superior knives make every cut a pleasure – and easy, too. Your meats will look professionally prepared. Kentmaster is all you need for your meat processing needs.