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The Role of Kentmaster Equipment in Modern Meat Processing

December 8, 2023

A fast-moving industry requires experience 

Kentmaster equipment for the contemporary meat processing process has been to offer reliable, effective and cost-effective ways of handling meat. 

Kentmaster equipment is the number one selection for high-production beef, pork and lamb slaughter and processing plants that rely on their cutting tools to match large workloads. Their equipment will improve meat processing productivity, quality, and safety and minimise the effects on the environment and costs of producing meat.

In this article, we will take an overview of Kentmaster’s products and what work they do in the meat industry as a whole. We will closely examine the abattoir equipment side of their business and their butcher and boning tools, covering a large portion of processors’ requirements.  

Kentmaster equipment includes a wide range of products


Kentmaster provides numerous knives for various functions, such as skinning, boning, trimming and slicing. It has knives made of superior steel for exceptional cutting, and their respective handles are ergonomic to guarantee health-wise safety. 

Giesser makes them. Geisser a German brand revered for solid and sharp knives. Kentmaster also gives sharpeners, steels and holders, which help maintain the knives. Giesser knives have been around since the 1700s and offer unparalleled cutting perfection.

Butcher and boning tools

Other tools for butcher and boning operations include hooks, saws, cleavers, scissors and pliers provided by Kentmaster. The tools are made to last; the industry is unforgiving on tools that are not made with sturdy, dependable and user-friendly materials and craft. They can process beef, pork, lamb fowl and more. Kentmaster provides some protective clothes such as gloves, aprons and boots to ensure the safety of the workers is in question.

Building abattoirs

The company also provides services on building abattoirs, including consulting, designing, installation and maintenance. Kentmaster will assist such customers in developing and implementing the plans for constructing abattoirs that suit their capacity, location, financial constraints or budgets, and regulations. Kentmaster may additionally assist clients in improving the operation of their abattoirs, such as layout, workflow, automation and waste management.

Abbattior Equipment a Closer Look

The company stocks a range of abattoir equipment for the meat processing industry, including Techna Balancers, TERMET and IBEX. Here is some detail about each of them:

Techna Balancers

These are devices that use Pneumatic units. They are used to keep a balance of weight in tools and designs, like knives, saws or hooks. They are designed to alleviate workers’ fatigue, strain and injury and enhance the ergonomics, productivity, and quality of work. They are flexible enough to be used for different loads, speeds and heights and tailored to fit various requirements.


Produce electrical devices for splitting the carcasses of sheep and goats. It is fast, reliable and sanitary. The system is versatile and can handle different carcass sizes and weights, requiring one operator. It can also decrease the splitting process’s waste, cross-contamination and odour.


It is a hydraulically operated device that splits pig carcasses. They are dependable, fast and easy to clean. The multiple types of pigs it can handle, including the sows, boars and gilts, make it a one-man-operated machine.

Butcher and Boning Tools

Tools for butcher and abattoir equipment in the meat industry. The company provides several products that enhance convenience and efficiency in meat processing. Some of their products are:

Abattoir Equipment

Ketmaster manufactures and distributes a range of equipment for abattoirs, such as stunners, saws, tables, hooks & rails supports. Abattoir equipment is instrumental to humane and efficient slaughter as well as animal processing. Kentmaster’s equipment is developed to waste less, gain more and streamline the process.

Kentmaster’s products concerning butcher/boning tools and abattoir equipment are some of the industry’s finest. They are committed to quality, value and service for all their meat industry customers. Many of the splitters and saws have been in use for decades with the right care and attention. 

Sharpening & Repairs

Let’s not forget that even if you buy premium equipment, they need a service or blade sharpening from time to time, so it is good to have a fast, reliable company that can get you back to premium production ASAP.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Kentmaster has also supplied meat workers with personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, aprons, boots, helmets and goggles. PPE is used to avert harm, diseases and contamination of workers. PPE is also essential in maintaining hygiene and safety standards in the meat industry.

So, as you can see, there are no stones unturned when it comes to Kentmaster ensuring that the industry has everything it needs to be safe, efficient, and successful.  


The part played by Kentmaster in New Zealand regarding the meat processing industry is not to be overlooked. with equipment to see that all levels of the chain, including commercial kitchens, are equipped with tools for this last stage and have an end result that will be pure through the help of these people. The meat processing is undergoing radical changes in many areas, and Kentmaster will be at the front line.